A “spaza” is the colloquial term for a corner shop in South Africa. Most items bought at these stores are
wrapped in some sort of packaging. The project aims to demonstrate that this packaging has value when
it is recyclable. The project rewards learners with more of these items for good behaviour.


To create excitement, schools compete against one another to collect the most sorted recyclable waste per capita.

The school that collects
the most recyclables
wins R30 000
towards school upgrades.
The school in second place receives
R15 000 and the school in third place receives R5 000.


To educate staff about the campaign, pre-awareness hampers are given to the teachers at each of the participating schools.

These packs include printed communication and food items packaged in the four recyclable substrates: paper, glass, plastic and cans.

Each learner also receives a starter pack containing recycling bags in
four different colours, plus an information leaflet:

Learners are encouraged to bring their filled recycling bags to a launch day to be weighed.

The grade that brings the most recycling is


To kick-start the initiative, grades are challenged to bring sorted post-consumer packaging to a special assembly in order to win treats.

This launch event will involve an audiovisual presentation and a visit from our mascot, Trashy, to educate the learners about litter and why recycling is so important.

A magician uses tricks incorporating packaging to engage and excite the learners.

Three recycling bins are placed at each school in the lead-up to the event.

Waste collected gets schools on the scoreboard and counts towards their total.


Each school is paired with a local waste collector, who collects and buys back the recycling at the going rate.

This creates a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship between the school and the waste entrepreneur.


We host a ceremony at the winning school at the end of the competition to hand over the prize money.

Learners from the winning school also receive another opportunity to get treats from the Trash 4 Treats Spaza.


INEOS is one of the world’s largest manufacturing companies, operating across 171 sites in 24 countries around the world. Our products make the modern world possible, and most people rely on them every day. INEOS products make a significant contribution to saving lives, improving people’s health and enhancing the standards of living of people around the world. It produces the raw materials that are essential for the manufacturing of a huge variety of goods – including paints, plastics, textiles, medicines and mobile phones. Safety, health and environmental performance are INEOS’s highest priorities.

INEOS tries to be a good neighbour and cares about the communities in which it operates. It actively seeks opportunities to support youth, sports and science projects. INEOS works with local schools and universities to develop understanding and talent within the fields of science, engineering and technology, and with local sports clubs to encourage kids to take up sport and become active from an early age.


The Daily Mile (

The Daily Mile is an initiative supported by INEOS aimed at improving the health and well-being of children, helping them to be active, whatever their personal circumstances. 2.0million children currently take part every day.

GO Run For Fun (

INEOS GO Run for Fun is an international children’s fitness campaign, designed to inspire children to be more active through fun short-distance running events. It has been a phenomenal success with over 320,000 children taking part since it was launched in 2013.

Stem Crew (

Inspired by the INEOS Team UK Americas Cup challenge the INEOS Stem Crew platform is providing teaching resources for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mats subjects.


Engaged with

32 000





Collected more than

32 000kg

of recyclable waste.



Prevents waste from going to landfill.
Recycles post-consumer packaging.
Teaches learners about the negative impact of litter and waste.


Creates jobs.
Creates a waste pipeline for
waste entrepreneurs.
Creates a circular economy.


Uplifts communities.
Improves school facilities.
Helps to reduce crime and
improves social skills (broken
windows theory).


      Entshona Primary School
      673 Sagoloda Street, Phillipi

      John Pama Primary School
      Sthandathu Avenue, Nyanga

      Symphony Primary School
      Organ Street, Belhar

      Accordionstraat Primary School
      Accordion Street, Belhar

      Dietrich Mor Primary School
      Stanley & Dietrich Road, Highlands Estate, Phillipi

      Mzamomhle Primary School
      Sagoloda Street, Phillipi

      Samora Machel Primary School
      Langa Massacre Street, Samora Machel Location, Phillipi

      Siyazakha Primary School
      Sagwityi Street, Phillipi

      Dr Van Der Ross Primary School
      22 Koeberg Lane, Belhar

      Zanemfundo Primary School
      Cnr Vietnam Drive & 5th Street, Phillipi

      Dennegeur Avenue Primary School
      169 Dennegeur Avenue, Strandfontein Village, Cape Town, Western Cape

      Masivuke Primary School
      Ntambanane Street, Village 4, Phillipi

      Sigcawu Primary School
      Cnr Klipfontein Road & Kholi Road, Nyanga

      Andile Primary School
      11103 Koornhof St, Nyanga

      Nomlinganiselo Primary School
      David Street, New Crossroad, Nyanga

      Mvula Primary School
      1 Muller Street, Nyanga

      Linge Primary School
      Sibini Avenue, Nyanga

      Liwa Primary School
      Fourth Street, Nyanga

      Bongolethu Primary School(Nyanga)
      Dyamala Road, Phillipi

      Mkhanyiseli Primary School
      Terminus Road, Nyanga

      Mitchells Heights Primary
      Tafelberg St, Mitchells Plain, Cape Town

      Isikhokelo Primary School
      Idada Street 7784, Ikwezi Park, Cape Town

      Luleka Primary School
      Ncumo Road, 7784 Harare-Holimisa, Harare, Khayelitsha, Cape Town

      Heinz Park Primary School
      Heinz Park Dr, Heinz Park, Cape Town

      Chuma Public School
      Govern Mbeki Street, 7784 Griffiths Mxenge, Cape Town

      Sakumlandela Primary School
      4 Bangiso Dr, Victoria Merge, Cape Town, 7784

      Tafelsig Primary School
      Olifantshoek St, Tafelsig, Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town

      Soyisile Public Primary
      Nkululeko Dr, Village 3 North, Cape Town, 7784

      Cornflower Primary School
      99 Azalia, Lentegeur, Cape Town, 7786

      Intshayelelo Primary School
      Sinqolamthi Street, 7784 Ilitha Park, Khayelitsha